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A Snapshot of Corruption in Belarus Belarus

The Belarus country profile provides a detailed analysis of the country's efforts in curbing corruption, but does also dig into Belarus's challenges and the effects of these on its business climate throughout its chapters devoted to Business and Corruption and the country's Regulatory Environment in the General Information section. Belarus has demonstrated some improvements regarding its fight against corruption by diminishing the gap between regulation and implementation.

  • Declaration of political will by the Belarusian authorities to fight corruption.
  • Belarus has achieved some progress in regulatory practice related to taxation since 2004.
  • Authorities in Belarus started consultation for a new state anti-corruption strategy at the end of 2012.

However, the government still faces challenges in curbing corruption in the country, including:

  • A lack of independence in the judicial system and political interference in the court system.
  • Tender procedures are vulnerable to bribery and political influence.
  • A lack of whistleblowing protection and a national ombudsman as part of an anti-corruption system in Belarus.

An extensive description of the levels of corruption within Belarusian institutions and sectors are outlined in the profile's Corruption Levels. To counter these challenges the government has set up a dlegal framework to increase transparency within the government as well as private and public sectors. For a more detailed analysis of the Belarus government and civil society achievements in the fight against corruption, visit the Public Anti-Corruption Initiatives and Private Anti-Corruption Initiatives chapters.


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Publication date: November 2013

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