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Business Corruption in Denmark

Denmark flag, corruptionDenmark is regarded as one of the world’s least corrupt countries, and bribery and other corrupt practices are not considered obstacles to business. The Danish Criminal Code (in Danish) forbids active and passive bribery and most other forms of corruption offences contained in international anti-corruption conventions. It is also forbidden to bribe foreign public officials, and companies can be held criminally liable for acts of corruption committed by individuals working on their behalf. There is no distinction made between bribes and facilitation payments, and the propriety of gifts and hospitality depends on their intent and the benefit obtained. Safeguards against corruption and abuse of power in Denmark primarily rest with a strong practice of integrity rather than with formal rules and regulations. Despite a very low level of corruption, international monitoring institutions have criticised Denmark for its non-transparent rules on financing of political parties, and for insufficient enforcement of foreign bribery laws. Nonetheless, the government enforces their anti-corruption policies and laws effectively. 

November 2015
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