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Business Corruption in Finland

The overall aim of this country profile is to provide companies and organisations with an analysis of how corruption affects Finland's political environment and business climate. Throughout the profile, readers can find detailed descriptions of the country's efforts in curbing corruption, corruption-related legislation, risk-prone sectors and industries and more. This profile's General Information chapter provides an overview of anti-corruption activities and corruption risks in relation Finland's political, business and regulatory environments. Some of this profile's findings regarding Finland's anti-corruption activities include:

  • The level of corruption in Finland is generally low, but corruption prevention relies more on a system of public trust, openness and public scrutiny than on formal rules and regulations.
  • Petty and administrative corruption has more or less been rooted out of Finland, and it is very unlikely that citizens as well as businesses will encounter bribery in relation to obtaining public utilities or when interacting with public officials.
  • The Political Parties Act and the Candidate’s Election Funding Act aim at strengthening transparency of the financing of political parties and donations to individual office holders.

Despite an overall strong performance, Finland is not immune to corruption. Challenges include:

  • While Finland's general investment climate is largely corruption-free, several cases have revealed the existence of so-called "old boys' network" and inappropriate candidate and election funding; ie, a culture of non-transparent business dealings between politicians and businessmen with close personal ties.
  • Traditional bribery almost never takes place in such networks, but inappropriate gifts, personal favours and conflict of interest have instead been pointed out as problem areas.

Detailed descriptions of the level of corruption in a number of sectors are outlined in the profile's Corruption Levels. For a more detailed analysis of government, media and civil society anti-corruption activities, visit the Public Anti-Corruption Initiatives and Private Anti-Corruption Initiatives chapters.


Publication date: November 2013

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