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Business Corruption in France

France FlagThe aim of the France country profile is to provide companies and organisations with an analysis of how corruption affects the country’s political environment and business climate. Throughout the profile, readers can find detailed descriptions of the country's efforts in curbing corruption, corruption-related legislation, risk-prone sectors and industries and more. This profile's General Information chapter provides an overview of anti-corruption activities and corruption risks in France’s political, business and regulatory environments. The French government has a strong legal framework for fighting corruption, and succeeding presidential administrations have been committed to anti-corruption; nevertheless, the issue has not been a political priority for the country. The following are some of the initiatives that the Government of France has undertaken in order to curb corruption:

  • France has been a leading country in signing anti-corruption conventions such as the OECD and the UNCAC conventions against corruption and bribery.
  • Corruption is not cited as an important factor for doing business in the country and companies operating in France have a reputation of strong corporate social responsibility.
  • President Hollande proposed two new laws to combat tax evasion. The first law aims at strengthening the government's ability to crack down on tax evasion and the second established a special prosecutor to handle corruption, fraud and financial crimes. The two bills have been approved by the French National Assembly.

Despite these efforts, the government still faces various challenges revealing the extent of corruption within the different levels of government and sectors, including:

  • Public works and the defence industry are cited as the institutions the most affected by corruption in the US Department of State 2013 report.
  • Government corruption has been reported in recent years and some high-ranking public officials have been involved in corruption cases.
  • Corrupt political financing has been uncovered by the media involving former presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac.

November 2013
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