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Business Corruption in Macedonia

Macedonia FlagCorruption and inefficient bureaucracy are challenges companies may face when doing business in Macedonia. Many cumbersome regulatory procedures have been eliminated over the past decade, but bureaucratic red tape remains a problem throughout the public administration. Private businesses frequently complain about burdensome administrative processes that create operational delays and opportunities for corruption. Public procurement, the customs administration, and the building and construction sectors are areas where corruption and bribery are most prevalent. The primary legal framework regulating corruption and bribery in Macedonia is contained in the Law on Prevention of Corruption and the Criminal Code, which make individuals and companies criminally liable for corrupt practices. Facilitation payments are prohibited, and gifts may be considered illegal depending on their value or intent. Progress has been made in law enforcement and corruption-prevention initiatives, yet public officials continue to act with impunity. Insufficient implementation of legislation and ineffective law enforcement continue to impede the fight against corruption.

November 2015
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