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Business Corruption in Poland


The Poland country profile provides a detailed analysis of the country’s current corruption situation, but does also dig into Poland’s challenges and the effects of these on its business climate throughout its chapters devoted to Business and Corruption and the country’s Regulatory Environment in the General Information section.

Positive developments in corruption and investment include: 

  • The country has the necessary laws and regulations to provide dissuasive penalties aimed at combating corruption.
  • Poland is among the few Eastern and Central European countries that has made considerable progress in fighting corruption. 
  • The Supreme Audit Office and the Polish Ombudsman are considered to be effective, transparent and independent of political interference and are the most trusted bodies in Poland.   

However, the government still faces challenges in curbing this phenomenon, including:

  • There are still some gaps and shortcomings in Polish anti-corruption regulations.
  • Polish watchdog organisations lack sufficient capacity to effectively counteract corruption.
  • Allegations of corruption most frequently appear in government contracting and issuance of permits.

An extensive description of the levels of corruption within Poland’s institutions and sectors are outlined in the profile’s Corruption Levels. For a more detailed analysis of the Polish government and civil society achievements in the prevention of corruption, visit the Public Anti-Corruption Initiatives and Private Anti-Corruption Initiatives.

Publication date: November 2013

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