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Business Corruption in Ireland

Republic of Ireland Flag - CorruptionCorruption is not a serious obstacle for foreign investors operating in Ireland, although companies continue to experience bribery risks at the local level in relation to public procurement and the issuing of building permits. The Prevention of Corruption Act forbids any individual to give or accept a bribe, including to foreign public officials. A company can be found liable for corrupt acts committed by individuals working on its behalf, and companies registered under the Irish Companies Act can be prosecuted in Ireland for foreign bribery offences. Facilitation payments are prohibited, and gifts and hospitality are considered illegal if provided 'corruptly'. The Irish government is currently implementing reforms aimed at increasing administrative transparency, accountability and anti-corruption standards after the national Tribunals of Inquiry found evidence of conflicts of interest, corruption and collusion between politicians and businesspeople throughout Ireland's public administration. The Criminal Justice (Corruption) Bill is awaiting enactment; it promises to replace existing laws with a single anti-corruption law, to increase corruption penalties and to require companies to prevent corruption.

January 2015
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