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Business Corruption in Sweden Sweden Riksdagshuset

Sweden criminalises most forms of corruption and the rule of law is regarded as strong. The country is consistently ranked as among the least corrupt. Companies are unlikely to encounter bribery when doing business in the country. Although public surveys show that Swedes consider the level of corruption to be increasing, reported occurences are minimal, with petty corruption being virtually non-existent.

The institutional framework is regarded as efficient in curbing corruption, and public agencies are characterised by a large degree of accountability, integrity and transparency. Swedish legislations do not make any distinction between bribery and facilitation payments, meaning that facilitation payments are prohibited. Companies should note that the code on gifts, rewards and other benefits in business has been published as a supplement to the changes made to the Penal Code in mid-2012.

A number of municipal cases involving bribery, collusion and irregular procurement procedures between private and public actors indicate that municipal administrations must strengthen auditing procedures and mechanisms for preventing conflicts of interest. Sweden has been criticised by the OECD for not effectively enforcing foreign bribery laws against companies operating abroad.

Detailed descriptions of the level of corruption in a number of sectors are outlined in the profile's Corruption Levels. For a more detailed analysis of the Swedish government, media and civil society anti-corruption activities, visit the Public Anti-Corruption Initiatives and Private Anti-Corruption Initiatives chapters.


Publication date: August 2014

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