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Business Corruption in Switzerland

Switzerland FlagThe Switzerland country profile provides companies with an analysis of how corruption affects the country’s political environment and business climate. Readers can find detailed descriptions of the country's efforts in curbing corruption, corruption-related legislation, risk-prone sectors and industries and more. This profile's General Information chapter provides an overview of anti-corruption activities and corruption risks in relation Switzerland’s political, business and regulatory environments. The following are some of the initiatives that the Government of Switzerland has undertaken in order to curb corruption:

  • Switzerland has amended its exchange of information framework and lowered requirements for exchanging information between countries in order to crackdown on tax evasion.
  • The government has initiated discussions to criminalise bribery within private organisations to target bribery within international sports associations with headquarters in Switzerland.

However, the government still faces challenges in curbing this phenomenon, including:

  • Switzerland lags behind on the establishment of a framework regulating political financing, which contributes to a lack of transparency.
  • The government has initiated discussions for the amendment of the laws governing the protection of whistleblowers; nevertheless, concrete steps have still not been taken.
  • Switzerland is among the countries that adopted an exception for facilitation payments in its legislation.

December 2013
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