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Business Corruption in Morocco

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Corruption represents a problem for businesses in Morocco. Almost all sectors suffer from rampant corruption. Cultures of patronagenepotism and ‘wasta’ (the use of connections) exist, and inefficient government bureaucracy and excessive red tape deter investors. The legal framework concerning corruption, transparency and integrity is in place, and the regulatory system is becoming increasingly transparent. Under the Moroccon Criminal Code, active and passive bribery, extortion, influence peddling and abuse of office are illegal, but a law regulating conflicts of interest is still pending. Anti-corruption laws are reportedly not enforced effectively by the government. Prosecutions of corruption cases have been accused of targeting only petty corruption, and, allegedly, companies owned by highly influential persons are rarely disciplined. Facilitation payments and giving and receiving gifts are criminalised under Moroccan law, but businesses indicate the likelihood of encountering these practices is high. 

April 2015
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