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Business Corruption in South Africa

South Africa

South Africa suffers from widespread corruption, despite it performing better than regional averages across a number of key measurements. The country has simpler procedures, smoother interactions with tax officials and easier enforcement of commercial contracts than comparable regional countries. It has a robust anti-corruption framework, but laws are inadequately enforced. Public procurement is particularly prone to corruption, and bribery thrives at the central government level. The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Act (PCCA) criminalises corruption in public and private sectors, including attempted corruption, extortionactive and passive bribery, bribing a foreign public official, fraud and money laundering, and it obliges public officials to report corrupt activities. As it is a criminal offence to provide any form of "gratification" to an official if it is not lawfully due, companies are advised to refrain from giving gifts or exchanging facilitation payments

December 2015
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